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1966 Ford Mustang Fastback

Factory 'K' Code


Price: $49,500


1966 Mustang Fastback

Factory K-Code HiPo 289

Factory GT Equipment

Factory Top Loader 4 Speed

Factory 3.50 Trac-Lok 9” Differential

Factory Kelsey Hayes 4-Piston Disc Brakes


This is an extremely good looking ’66. The Candy Apple Red paint has a nice finish & presents very well. The body appears to have all of its original panels with the exception of the Shelby style fiberglass hood. The floors, frame rails and drop offs are all in great condition with no signs of prior repair. The frame rails are nice & straight without the normal damage associated with jack stands or off road misadventures.


The interior is in excellent condition with standard black interior and GT specified wood-grain trimmed bezels & steering wheel. The seats are comfortable and the vinyl fits very well. The chrome on the dash is bright and presents very well. A factory AM 8-Track radio fits well in the dash while a CD equipped receiver is hidden in the glove box powering factory located door speakers.


Under the hood the 271HP HiPo 289 has been fitted with Factory ‘COBRA’ Lettered Buddy Barr Valve Covers. The engine is not the original HiPo but is a correct HiPo out of a 65 K-Code Coupe. The 289 is equipped with the correct ‘Dog-Bone’ spring retainer cylinder heads, large balancer, solid lifters, etc. The cam is a larger grind with a nice lope to the idle. It produces significantly more power than the original ‘K’ mill did from FoMoCo. The 4-Speed Top Loader is a correctly coded HEH-BX unit with upgraded Hurst linkage. The transmission shifts crisply and the clutch engages very nicely. This engine revs quickly and the car just begs you to row through the gears at RPM.


The 9” differential is the correct ‘Tapered Axle’ housing specific to the K-Code Mustangs. The heavy duty 9” unit easily handles the punishment dished out by the spirited 289. The Trac-Lok unit provides power to both rear tires produces sideways antics & prodigious tire smoke when asked.


The ‘GT Option’ mandated Kelsey Hayes Heavy Duty Front Disc Brakes work excellent and really haul the Mustang down from speed. They have the correct proportioning valve and large single reservoir master cylinder.


As far as the other GT option indicators, such as the driver’s side frame rail exhaust hangers, driver’s side floor pan exhaust hanger re-enforcement and the fog light holes in the core support are present & accounted for.





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