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1969 Ford Bronco


With Bronco prices reaching such high prices projects have been under pressure as everyone rushes to get on the train while they still can afford to. This Bronco would be good for the experienced enthusiast who has a vision for what they want and doesn't want to spend money on a driver Bronco that will be torn down to this point anyhow.
This Bronco had just started on its rebuild when the plug was pulled. The paint was sandblasted down to bare metal on the body and even part of the frame. If you have ever had a car sandblasted the car comes back looking very different. To begin with the body appears that it was solid. The doors have been blasted and are included. You can see where the body molding holes were filled. These could easily be opened back up if you decided you wanted to run them. As far as rust this one has it in the normal spots but this is in no way a bad example. Take a good look at the pics and please feel free to call and discuss.

The original interior was removed. No interior is included. With the availability of seating and interior components it is cheaper to buy new than restore old parts anyway.
There is no engine with this Bronco but with crate engines available cheaper than the cost of rebuilding that's not really a bad thing.
The 3 speed manual is included if needed but a 5 speed would be a nice step up since the pedals are already in place.
A used power steering box and pump are included to upgraded from the stock manual steering.
The brakes are manual drum.
The rear diff is a 9" and the front diff is a Dana 30.


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