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1969 Bronco


Brand New Seat Upholstery
Brand New Molded Floor Mat
Brand New Center Floor Console
Power Windows
Excellent Running 351 Windsor
Crisp Shifting C4 Automatic Transmission
Power Front Disc Brakes
Dana 44 Front Axle
Brand New 15" US Mag Indy Wheels
Brand New 32 x 11.5" All Terrain Tires

It's quite hard to find a mechanically sound Bronco that isn't attached to a $70k price tag these days. This one runs and drives quite well. The look is quite classic and unique. Lots of 'Patina' so if you are looking for a show Bronco you're going to need to reach a bit deeper in those pockets. It does have some fun options like Power Steering & Power Disc Brakes not to mention the Power Windows. There are some new pretty parts sprinkled around inside and out. You really can't drive this one without the thumbs up and gas station conversations. Don't get us wrong, you won't mistake it for a $269k custom Coyote Bronco...but you are also $230k cheaper.

The paint on this one is older with plenty of imperfections. Think of it like your comfortable old pair of Levis. Stain here, tear there...basically life experiences etched in paint. The rear flares were molded in many years ago but there are cracks around the edges. Again, paint is old and it shows. 

The interior looks pretty good with new seat upholstery front & rear, floor mat and console. Obviously there are some old parts still hanging around but they all go to character. The windows were upgraded to power units and they function properly with switches mounted inside the console. 

The floors looked good when it rolled in but upon removing the mat the front pans were pin-holed. So, new reproduction pans from Tom's were installed properly with butt welded seams, not overlapped. Prior repair had been done to the rockers which was serviceable. 

The 351 makes about 100 lb/ft more torque and about 100 more horsepower than the original 302. While its not a race car by any means it is dramatically better than stock. The C4 transmission clicks off gear changes nicely.

The Power Front Disc Brakes work very well with minimal effort needed. Braking is consistent, straight and predictable.

The Power Steering works quite well.  It is precise and it tracks quite well going down the road.

For rolling stock we went with 15x7 US Mags Indy Wheels. They were fitted with 32 x 11.50 Yokahama Geolander tires. They are really nice driving tires that do quite well both on and off road. 

The obligatory Montana spotlight still works! 


VIN: U15GLE50603
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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