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1966 Mustang Coupe


Factory 'C' Code 289 V8 Car
Nice Running 289 
4 Speed Toploader Transmission
Runs & Lot Drives

Looking for that winter project or your next low dollar hauler? You will want to be handy with a welder and be up to date on your tetanus shots. The great thing about Mustangs is the availability of parts and the community surrounding them. 

Obviously the body has rust and the once great paint is out of date. Open nearly any parts catalog and the parts are readily available. Mustangs were built simply and en-mass so working on them is typically a very simple endeavor. Plan on long therapeutic stints in the garage. When you are done, you will truly be able to say that you built it!

Inside the basics are there including the front buckets. The missing part is the rear seat which is actually not a hard part to source as they made nearly 2 million Mustangs between 1964 and 1968. Again, catalogs are your friend & savior for such a build.

Under the hood live a 289 that has been fitted with an aluminum intake manifold and Holley 4 barrel carburetor. The engine fires up easily and has a good sound. We received no documents so there are no figures on miles or build components beyond what you can see. Behind that 289 is a Toploader 4 Speed. It goes into gear but with tire condition we have not taken this one out on the road yet so synchros & gears are not know other than it shifts between gears and does fine in the parking lot. 

The brakes are currently functioning fine but should be fully disassembled and serviced prior to any street use.

The tires hold air and have tread but have been in storage for some time. Before any road time we recommend that they be replaced.

VIN: 6RO7C184490
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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