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1966 Fairlane 500XL


Factory Big Block 390 Car
Gorgeous Candy Apple Red Paint
Super Crisp Red Bucket Seat Interior
Factory Floor Shift Console
Nicely Built 460 
Firm Shifting C6 Transmission
9" Currie Heavy Duty Differential
Power Rack & Pinion Steering
13" Front Disc Brakes
Adjustable Coil Over Front Suspension
17" Torque Thrust Wheels

This '66 is one Good Looking Fairlane! The factory 390 GT hoods are cool, but the 427 hood is leagues better. With a functional cold air induction system it is all the better. Especially when feeding over 70 more cubic inches of motor. With the perfect stance and an option list that just makes you want to drive it, this car fits in the 'gotta have it' category. 

The Candy Apple Red paint shines beautifully on this 'XL. Chrome is bright, trim looks good too. The panels are quite straight and really line up well. You have to look hard to find anything wrong on this one. It has been driven and enjoyed so there are some minor stone chips and some minor scratches, but nothing obvious. The body on this Fairlane is quite nice, especially for the breed. The floors are nothing short of amazing.

Inside the interior looks and feels amazing. The factory bucket seats & floor console really separate these 500XL's from the common bench seat models. The upholstery fits tight and the seat foams feel great. This really is a nice build and the interior really shows that. 

Under the hood the original 390 was replaced with a 460 cubic incher. The '385' series motors make gobs of low end torque that a 390 could never match. Add in the canted valve cylinder heads that easily best any 390GT head variant. So, more torque & more horsepower. Then add a street friendly performance cam, Weiand Stealth aluminum intake, MSD ignition, deep breathing headers and 3" have about 475 street friendly horsepower and about 550 foot pounds of torque. The engine revs smooooth and very quickly. The C6 was fitted with what appears to be a 2500rpm stall converter and a mild shift kit. Out back the factory 9" was replaced with a full Curry heavy duty housing and a 9+ carrier. A new heavy duty driveshaft was fitted as well.

Fairlane suspension was never anything to write home about...unless it was a 'Next of Kin' notice. Gone are the antiquated control arms which have been replaced with a nice tubular set up complete with a fully adjustable coil over conversion. The car handles much better than it did stock and it drives better on the highway.  

Braking has been drastically updated with a set of 13" front disc brakes borrowed from a Cobra Mustang. With all that extra thrust under the hood its nice to have a capable & reliable system.

VIN: 6K47H197754
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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