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1965 Mustang K-Code Widebody


Gorgeous Viper Red Paint
True K-Code Mustang
Maier Racing Widebody Kit
Brand New Base/Clear Paint
New Pony Seat Upholstery

Incredible Sounding Small Block
Brand New American Racing Wheels
Brand New 295 Front/305 Rear Tires

What a good looking car. I personally wasn't a wide body fan until lately though Maier has been doing these kits for well over 20 years. Perhaps its due to the popularity of the GT500 Widebodies from Shelby or those of Saleen. Heck, even Dodge has been rocking them the last few years. The kit really does make sense on this car. Finally a tire larger than a 245 can fit on back. Heck, a 225 barely fits on a Mustang. This car is rocking 295 18's on the front and 305 18's on the rear...and there is room to spare! Maier says 315's will go all around. 

The body and paint on this car are quite nice. It recently emerged from a repaint in Viper Red and was then treated to a show quality wet sand & polish so it truly glows. There are voluptuous curves everywhere. If you are uncomfortable with attention, this isn't the car for you. Every gas station, restaurant, stop light and toll booth will provide you with an opportunity for a new best friend. 

The interior was just treated to new door panels, Pony seat upholstery, carpet and repainted dash & doors. This thing is tidy!

Under the hood lives a well-built small block with a performance cam and a 'quiet' gear drive. With long tube headers and a set of Flowmasters this Mustang sounds incredible. Plenty of lope to the idle with the rhythmic thrum of the gear drive is hypnotic. Just a quick blip on the throttle and the engine revs like a trip-hammer. It's easy to find yourself feeling much younger driving this one. It handles like it's on rails. Just a nudge on the steering wheel and you are going THAT way, no questions asked. Steering is firm but oh my gosh, its perfect! This is a car you have to experience to understand.

For you purists this car came to us without any of the original K code parts. It appears it was a non GT car as it has no holes in the core support for fog lights. The only remaining K part on the car is the VIN.  


VIN: 5F07K385061
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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