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1992 Pontiac Grand Prix

Rare Richard Petty Edition



210hp 3.4L V6 Twin Cam Engine

Automatic Transmission

Special Trim Package

Only 1,000 built

1992 was the year that Richard Petty, The Legend Himself, officially retired from racing professionally. Pontiac, in honor of Mr. Petty, created a special car with a very limited production Pontiac Grand Prix. Only 1000 were made, and even less exist now. Only offered in three colors, Red/White or Blue, and all were giving special trim and striping package with special badging and all we're powered by the 210 HP 3.4L Twin Cam V6. 

Some have been stored and preserved with low mileage, and some we're driven like the car they were always meant to be. This is one of those cars. Showing 182k Miles, this Grand Prix has seen the road. The body is rather straight with the exception of a creased fender and a damaged fog light, but no evident signs of collision. Some light rust/bubbling is seen throughout the body and the Windshield does have a crack on the lower driver portion. 

The Interior is rather clean for it's age, some typical signs of wear are seen to the Steering wheel and shift handle, but the Seats and headliner are in good shape. The Carpet shows some light staining, but no holes or rips are seen. The special steering wheel controls are intact and this is optioned with the locking Glove box (Actually uses a combo lock, how neat is that!!!). The Owners Manual is still tucked away in the glove box as well.

The Engine does run and is currently a parking lot driver but it will need attention before being streetable. The Fuel Pump and Filter are new, as is the water pump. Fluids are all full and clean. Currently the engine seems to lack power and acts as if a tune up is needed or possibly plugged exhaust is to blame, however we make no promises without proper diagnostics. Transmission seems to shift fine and engages into gear smoothly.


The Chassis does show rust on the rear subframe, shown in pictures, but the rest of the chassis looks good. The tires have good tread but are aged and dry rotting, although all 4 color matched Richard Petty Snowflake rims with center caps are there.

We are selling this as a project car, however this could easily be driving within a days worth of work.

If your interested, give us a call at 360-863-2241



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