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1968 Ford Bronco


1968 Bronco Survivor

Life Long Garage Stored

Original Window Sticker

Original Sales Order

Original Signal Flare Red Paint

Original Parchment Interior

Excellent Running 289


This is by far the cleanest original Bronco we have seen. It was purchased new at Kendall Ford in Eugene Oregon on September 5th of 1968. A one-family owned Bronco until we bought it last year. The original owner retained the original window sticker and original sales order. When he passed away it went to his son (well into his 60’s) that kept the tradition of garage storage.


We were blown away by the condition the moment we saw it. We sold it in less than a day to one of our regular clients that after 6 months couldn’t bring themselves to modify it with disc brakes & power steering so they have decided to let someone else carry the torch.


The Original Signal Flare Red paint on this Bronco is in exceptional condition for being original. The paint still shines nicely and it is nearly 50 years old! There are the normal stone chips & imperfections from 50k miles along with a few scratches.


The original panels are incredibly straight too. Thanks to a pampered life and garage stored it is incredibly rust free too. The moldings & trim are in excellent condition and much as you would have expected them in about 1970 on a 2 year old car.


This Bronco was ordered as a wagon with the full top. However, this Bronco uses the bench seat common in the ½ cab Bronco. Inside is truly impressive. The original bench seat has very minimal wear and the materials are still soft & supple. The parchment door panels still have their crisp grain and also feel like they were just installed.


The one-piece floor mat has been exceptionally well preserved thanks to floor mats in the foot wells. The rear cargo area has some minor scratches in the paint on the wheel wells but the floor was protected by a layer of carpet and the paint is incredible. The dash & bezels are still bright and the interior chrome sparkles like new. Several ‘day two’ items like a tachometer, trailer brake controller and CB radio are still in place and look like they were just installed.


Under the hood the original 289 has been upgraded with an Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold, Holley Carburetor, Electric Fuel Pump and Pertronix Electronic Ignition System. The original 289 still runs excellent with only 50k miles and those tasteful upgrades. The factory transmission shifts well and the column shifter works nicely too.


This Bronco still has its original drum brakes & manual steering. With only a modest tire upgrade to 31” it still is easy enough to steer & stop and is truly impressive out on the road with the stock suspension.


It is very hard to appreciate the preservation of this Bronco through pictures alone. Just walking around it and looking at the condition of the paint, weatherstrip and moldings you really start to question time travel.






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