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1964 Galaxie 500XL Convertible


Super Cool Cruizer!
Rare Factory Bucket Seats & Floor Shift Console
Gorgeous Tropical Turquoise Paint
Power Convertible Top
Excellent Running FE with Ford Upgrades
427 Cast Iron Headers
C6 Automatic with Heavy Duty 'H' Servo
Torque Thrust 15" Wheels
Brand New Cooper Cobra Tires

Summer cruising season is HERE!!! Don't spend it on the sidewalk! This '64 will make a statement where ever you go. It has that perfect mix of classic stock looks with custom period wheel, fat tires and a deep exhaust note that will let everyone know this isn't a stock 390.

This Galaxie is the coveted 500XL which was the high trim consisting of miles of chrome trim, bucket seats, floor shift console and badges adorned just about everywhere. The Tropical Turquoise is one of our favorite colors, especially with the white top and interior. The body is quite straight with no obvious signs of prior collision. Thankfully this one has escaped much of the rust so common with the breed. The floors and rockers are quite solid. The only visible rust in the car is on the lower quarter panels as seen in the pics. There are also some pinholes pictured in an otherwise solid and sanitary trunk pan.

The interior, incredibly appears to the the 58 year old original. Obviously there is some wear and sun fading. The small features and design is amazing. There are details everywhere. We wanted to leave it as is but were quite conflicted as it would take a high end vinyl dye and look like new. The seats are quite firm now from age. Take a good look at the pics, its pretty surprising how well this one survived. 

The convertible top was replaced at some point. The current unit is a Robbins Top with some wear but still fits nice and presents well. Pictures show the top pretty well. The rear glass is in good condition. The hydraulic system works properly.

Under the hood the engine runs excellent but is a bit of a mystery. The previous owner passed away and the details were lost. The engine appears to be a custom build consisting of some nice high end FoMoCo goodies. The block is a late 69 casting, without an inspection we can only surmise it is at least a 390. Without removing the transmission we can't see the back of the block to confirm 428 markings or counter-balance on flex plate. We removed the inspection cover and could see there was some balance work done on the flex plate. The cylinder heads are 1964  part number C4AE-G. They are accompanied by a set of factory 1964 427 Cast Iron Long Tube Headers. The intake manifold is a highly desirable 428 Police Interceptor 'F' casting. The cam is an aftermarket hydraulic unit with a nice lope to the idle. Carburetion is handled by a Holley 3310 750 vacuum secondary unit. While not a drag car it has plenty of power and sounds amazing. The previous owner must have had a motor mount issue prompting him to do an old school chain down on the motor. We kept it in place for the period look but it could easily be removed. 

The transmission is a C6 that has been fitted with a shift kit and an upgraded 'H' servo. 

The rear end is the factory 9" set up with an upgraded limited slip unit, probably a Trac Lok.  Gearing is 2.79 so this one has some legs for the freeway. Around town it still has plenty of torque to easily move the car.

This is a manual steering car but somehow its easy to drive, probably something to do with that massive steering wheel. The brakes are the factory drum units which stop the car surprisingly well. Given today's availability of brake upgrades I would recommend a good set of discs up front though, Speedway Motors has the kit for only $509. 

The tires & wheels were just installed. They are American Racing Torque Thrusts in 15x7 front and 15x8 rear wrapped with Cooper Cobras, massive 275 60's fit perfectly out back.

VIN: 4A69Z190032
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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