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1970 BOSS 302

Documented 10k Original Miles


Full Marti Report Verification


Extremely Late Production Car

3 Ford Factory Invoices

Numbers Matching Engine & Transmission

V-Code 3.91 Traction-Lok Axle

Factory Deluxe Interior with Console

Factory Tinted Glass

Factory Tachometer

Factory Fold-Down Rear Seat

Factory Rear Spoiler & Sport Slats (Louvers)

Factory Power Front Disc Brakes

Factory Power Steering

Factory Magnum 500 Wheel Option


This BOSS 302 has an interesting history. As the story goes, it was purchased by a young man military man home from Vietnam. He drove the boss approximately 7k miles before his next deployment. Unfortunately he was killed and the BOSS then sat in his parents’ garage until the early 80’s. The BOSS made its way to a car lot where it was resold in ’82 with a mileage of 7,911. The next record of the car was in October of 2000 when it was titled in California with an actual mileage statement of 9200 miles. The same owner last licensed the car in February of 2004. He then sold it to a classic car dealership specializing in high end Mustangs in November of 2004 with a mileage of 10,136. The BOSS was purchased by a collector in Oregon where the car has been stored and left unchanged. The mileage now reads 10,359.


This BOSS was built on July 8th, 1970 and was among the very last cars produced. The car boasts 3 original Ford invoices with interesting stampings and redirects. Originally designated for Ford Marketing on the original invoice it was stamped ‘Field Diversion’ as was the second. It appears the car was used for Ford internal use, possibly with marketing or for an executive. It was finally issued an MSO for sale in October of 1970. A full 3 months of use at the hands of Ford Marketing is very unusual for a car that was no longer being built. This is extremely rare documentation to have.


The body on this BOSS is in very good condition for its age. There was a single repaint done in 1991. The car still shows well and presents much as it would have when new. The original moldings still show well thanks to a pampered life lived indoors.


Option wise this BOSS is one of the highest option cars you will find. With Original Front & Rear Spoiler, Louvers & Magnum 500’s this BOSS came with all the right appearance options.


The engine and transmission are the numbers matching assemblies. The engine fires up easily and runs excellent, as you would expect of a 10k mile well maintained car. It is amazing how smooth this engine is. The factory Thermactor Emission System is still in place and complete. The alternator is the correct part number with the large BOSS specific pulley. The Factory Power Steering makes moving this BOSS an easy chore. Most BOSS Mustangs only had manual steering. Moving the car around the clutch engages well and the transmission shifted well over the 1 mile test we did. We obviously didn’t test out the rare Factory Optioned Nodular Cased 3.91 Traction-Lok with the 45 year old Goodyear tires.


This BOSS was optioned very well for the interior as well. Most BOSS Mustangs were base units made to be light and go fast so options only meant extra weight to carry around. This BOSS was optioned with Deluxe Interior which included Wood-Grain Trim, Molded Door Panels, Special Gauge Font, Comfort Weave Seat Upholstery and a Console. Also optioned was the Fold-Down Rear Seat (Sport Deck) which is another rare option for the BOSS. Oddly the Tachometer is a fairly rare option but was checked on this car.


Inside the original deluxe interior is in amazing condition considering that this is a 45 year old car. The components so often warped, faded or cracked are still supple and fit well. If you want to know what these were like new, you need to experience an original. Restored cars look great but lack the authentic feel. It’s hard to put your finger on the differences, but as soon as you get in you know.


This BOSS was ordered with 15” Magnum 500 wheels and Goodyear tires. The Magnum 500’s are correct originals and in good condition. The tires which were reported to be original, all wear the correct date codes that support the claim.


This is one of the lowest mile BOSS 302’s around with documentation. Add in the Premium Option content with the 3 Ford Window Stickers and you have a real investment grade Muscle Car!

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