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1970 Bronco


302 V8

4 Speed Manual Transmission

Hydro-Boost Disc Brakes

Power Steering

Long Arm Suspension

Heavy Duty 9" Locking Rear Differential

Heavy Duty Dana 44 Front Differential

Wild Horses Front & Rear Springs

This Bronco is obviously no stranger to a good time. It has been on-road, off-road and pretty much everywhere in between. It has dents, dings, scratches, scrapes and about every other malady that could befall a well appreciated Bronco. What it doesn't have much of though is rust. Panels on Broncos are easy to replace, as long as the core is good. This Bronco is still quite solid and sits in that place where you could really still have some fun with it prior to any restoration work you would want to do.

The engine is the nearly bullet proof 302. It makes plenty of power to get you into, and out of, nearly anything. If you need more power there is plenty of room under the hood for anything from a 5.0 Coyote to a 500+ cubic inch big block. The 4-Speed transmission was taken from a 3/4 ton truck so it can handle some torque. The heavy duty 4 speeds have compound 1st and reverse gearing that is great for off road use as well. The front axle was upgraded to a Dana 44 so it can also handle the extra power. The rear axle is a 9" unit with a locking differential excellent for getting the power to both tires.


Inside Bronco's are quite basic. This one has had bucket seats from a Mustang added. This Bronco has the 1/2 cab bulkhead making the body a bit stiffer and helping to keep your cargo out of the front seats.

The steering and brakes have been upgraded with a modern Hydro-Boost set up. This system adds Power Steering as well as a hydraulic assisted braking unit. These are far superior to the vacuum boosted systems. The pedal has a linear feel with equal pedal pressure. No need to stomp on the brakes, just apply the pedal further. The front brakes have been upgraded to disc units that really make braking a breeze.


The suspension has been modified for off road use by relocating the radius arm mounting points and lengthening them as well. These were custom units and are not the stock arms.

They appear quite stout and have been used off-roading for quite some time by their appearance. The springs both front and rear have been replaced with units from Wild Horses. This is and has been a capable off road Bronco.


This Bronco was sitting for 2 years prior to coming to us. The carburetor could use a rebuild but it does run and drive. The brake and suspension systems appear to be working nicely but I would recommend a complete inspection prior to any dedicated street driving.


The tires and wheels appear to be brand new. The 35" tires fit nicely and have a good all terrain tread design .

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