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1978 Trans Am


Real Deal Special Edition Trans Am!
Factory Y88 GOLD Edition
Factory WS6 Special Performance Package
Factory W72 High Performance 400
Factory CB Radio
Factory Air Conditioning
Factory Power Windows & Locks
Rare & Original Gold Steering Wheel
Factory Gold Glass T-Tops
Factory T-Top Bags Still in Trunk

When we bought this T/A we didn't know just how special it was. We started digging and it just kept getting better. Getting deeper into the build sheet and then the PHS documentation this is one of the highest option T/A's to have rolled out of the factory for 1978. Considering the competition, there really wasn't anything to compete with the T/A's back in 1978. They had more cubic inches, horsepower, torque, handling and cool options than ANY other a huge margin. Add in the fame from Smokey and the Bandit and its surprising the competitors even survived. 

This car is very highly documented and comes complete with its original build sheet as well as the PHS (Pontiac Historical Society) documents. These show this car was equipped with a tremendous option load and checked all the 'Gotta Have It' options. The big one for the car was the Y88 'Gold Special Edition' option that included so much Gold it could give both Yukon Cornelius & Gold Member heart attacks. This was a $1259 option...base price on the car was only $5799. This wasn't just an all show & no go car. This one packed the W72 High Output 220 Horsepower 400 Cubic Inch Pontiac motor, the WS6 handling package and the 3.23 ratio Safe-T-Track performance rear axle. With the option package the sticker price swelled from $5799 to an amazing $9213 sticker price. 

Thanks to a garage that has since become anonymous this T/A survived Mother Nature's efforts to reclaim her. By Trans Am standards this is just about as close to rust free as you will find an original panel car to be. Obviously the paint is tired. There is what appears to be a partial respray on the car. This is especially common on the Solar Gold cars which were often resprayed at the factory due to a green hue in the gold causing some panels to not match. History on this car is for the most part lost sadly. The previous owner did his best to polish the car to an even finish and it does have a great look. There are thin spots, dings and scratches. Suffice to say there is Patina-a-Plenty, rock it or sand it.

Inside the interior has had some work, though the seat upholstery used is in good shape, just not correct. Take a look at the pics because there is a lot to take in. Options are found in nearly every corner, some quite rare and some very valuable. Inconspicuous but Very Cool is the factory Cruise Control which is basically a button on the turn signal stock with no adjustments. There is a vanity mirror in the visor. Keep looking and options are everywhere. The factory AM/FM Stereo with 40 Channel CB is still in place! This was an incredibly expensive option in 1978 clocking in at $518. Considering the percentage of the total price its amazing.

Under the hood the X7 coded 400 engine appears complete and unmolested. It runs excellent and sounds great. Power is surprising for a 1978 and not what you would expect from something from 'Low Compression Smog Era'. There is a bit of smoke on start up which is common when the valve stem seals need replaced. It is a relatively straight forward process that can be done without removing the engine or cylinder heads. The factory Air Conditioning will need to be serviced to be functional. The cruise control is also complete, which is very rare.

The 15" Snowflake wheels have been cleaned & repainted. They appear to be in very good condition and look great. BF Goodrich tires were recently installed and have only a handful of miles since installed. 

The trunk is still adorned with an original trunk mat, space saver spare tire with inflator and the original T-Top storage bags.

Hagerty has this car valued at $34,200 in its current condition for replacement. The incredible part is that in #1 condition they have it pegged at $79,900 and there is no way to bump the price for the incredible option load of this example. If you are looking for a car to invest in, you would be hard pressed to find a better example.

VIN: 2W87Z8N156558

For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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