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1966 Ford Bronco


Gorgeous Frame-Off Restoration

Beautiful Cardinal Red Paint

Excellent Running Rebuilt 302 V8

Crisp Shifting C4 Automatic Transmission

Super Desirable Hydro-Boost Power Disc Brakes

Super Desirable Power Steering

Split Bench Custom Interior

Custom ‘Family Cage’

High End Autometer Gauge Package

High End LED Projector Headlight Package

Custom ‘Impact’ Bumpers

High Capacity Cooling System

with Modern Fan

Brand New Custom Fuel Trophy Wheels

Brand New 34” Toyo AT II Tires

High Capacity 23 Gallon Fuel Tank

This First Year Bronco is in great shape. It received a full frame off restoration about 5 years ago. This was a Quality ‘Frame-Off’ Restoration with the aim to make this Bronco run & drive just as good as it looks. If you are looking for a clean Bronco that is ready to be enjoyed, take a good look at this one!

The body is an excellent condition with only minor imperfections from 5 years of limited use. The Cardinal Red paint has a deep shine and really ‘Pops’ against the black & chrome trim. The bumpers are high end ‘Impact Series’ that are painted in ‘Graphite’ to match the grill. It is the nice touches on this one that make the package.

The doors on this Bronco are mounted on quick release hinges and can be removed by simply releasing the door straps and lifting up the door. Putting them back on is just as easy. Also included with this Bronco is a set of ‘Roadster’ door inserts and ‘Soft Doors’. These are expensive pieces that just add to the fun ownership experience. Take a look at the pics for how easy this Bronco is to convert.

The top is a Brand New unit from Tom’s Broncos. These are our favorite units for their excellent fit and ease of use. The side and rear windows zip out in less than 5 minutes. The whole top is off in about 10 minutes. When it is time to go back on it is just as quick. Going around topless has never been so easy.

Just look through the fenders to see that the frame was completely refinished for the restoration. The paint is still quite nice on it and the look is very impressive. New lines and hardware abound. This is a very good Bronco.

Inside the interior looks great. The front seat is a modern split bench set up with plenty of adjustment for all drivers. 3 point seat belts help keep the front seat passengers comfortably in place. The dash has a full complement of custom Autometer Gauges keeping track of the engine & transmission. A custom glove box from Tuffy gives you a lockable compartment to store your valuables when the top & doors are off. The floors have been completely bed-lined in matching Cardinal Red. The roll cage is a high end ‘Family Cage’. This unit provides roll over protection for all passengers as well as extra protection for a rear end collision. The cage was paint matched in Graphite to match the bumpers and grill. Overall this is a nice, well appointed and clean interior that will require very little maintenance to enjoy year round.

Under the hood, the 302 has been fitted with an Edelbrock

Performer Intake Manifold, Holley Carburetor, Electronic Ignition and Performance Exhaust. It makes significantly more power than the 200 horsepower it came stock with. The cooling system has been heavily upgraded with a HUGE Aluminum Radiator and High Output Electric Fan. This system is large enough to keep this Bronco cool in the hottest of summers. The belt system has been converted to a late model 302 serpentine system to reliably deal with the extra loads from the higher loads from the power steering/hydro boost system. It is reported to have only 1500 miles on the rebuild by the previous owner. We didn’t get receipts to back the claim but the engine is clean, runs excellent and sounds very nice.

This Bronco has been upgraded to Power Steering AND Hydro-Boost Power Disc Brakes. The power steering is a must have, especially with the larger tires. The Hydro-Boost braking system is a modern system that provides linear braking. This system has a single pedal effort. Simply push farther, not harder, and the brakes clamp down stronger. This is HUGE for drivers not familiar with old school cars.

This Bronco has 4” of total lift in order to accommodate the 34” Toyo AT II Tires. The system consists of a 2” suspension lift and a 2” body lift. This combo sits in the Goldilocks zone of just enough to get you off-road comfortably while still preserving the driving characteristics. A front sway bar was added for crisp handling in corners, an expensive option you will appreciate. We have added new bushings from Tom’s Broncos to bring it up to our driving standards, and it drives nice. The steering is crisp and responsive with the perfect amount of road feel. This is a one-hand at 70mph Bronco.

The front axle has been upgraded with a Dana 44 unit that is much more durable than the Dana 30 it came with stock. The Dana 44’s will handle larger tires and use a modern ball joint for smoother steering. Out back is the heavy duty 9” differential. Both units were stripped and painted in Chassis Gray.

The Dana 20 transfer case has been upgraded with a twin stick conversion. This allows easy shifting into 4 wheel drive and the ability to lock in each axle independently if you want.

The wiring on this Bronco was also upgraded with modern fuses and relays. The system easily handles the high output headlights, heavy duty cooling fan, modern gauges, etc. There is also extra capacity for more add-ons like air conditioning, auxiliary lighting and more.

The headlights are a modern LED Projector Beam set up from Tom’s Broncos. These are the same technology used on high end modern cars. The beam is brighter and flatter so visibility is LEAGUES beyond the factory lights. If you plan to drive at night, these are a MUST HAVE OPTION!

The wheels are Fuel Trophy 17” units. They offer a rugged look with simulated bead locks so they are still street legal. The tires are Toyo AT II’s in 285 75 17. They measure out to 33.9” tall and 11” wide so they fit nicely in the wheel well. These are high end expensive tires that have a 10-Ply Sidewall for toughness, squared side walls for great driving characteristics and a 50k mile tread wear rating so you will be enjoying them a long time. We have tried numerous tire configurations and found these to be our favorites. They are among the most expensive but well worth the price considering what they offer.

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