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1968 Mustang GT



Marti Report Verified Car

Factory S-Code 390GT

Factory 4-Speed Transmission

Factory Power Disc Brakes

Dry Eastern Oregon Car


We see quite a few Mustangs here. Most do not make it to the website so its fun when a rare one does. This '68 Coupe is a Marti Report Verified GT with the S-Code 390 and the 4-Speed options checked off. If you wanted to go fast in '68, this was the way to go. Produced just before the Cobra Jet's came out in April, this was the one you wanted.

This '68 grew up in the desert regions of Eastern Oregon where it was protected from the ravages of salted roads and prolific rain. It has spent much of the last 20 years in dry storage waiting until now to emerge. The body panels all appear to be original and undamaged. The only obvious body changes being of course the rear fender flares. The floors are in great condition and with just minimal cleaning expose the original red oxide primer. There was one repair to the front spring eye on the driver's side which was probably due to the old school 'ladder bars'.

Inside the standard black interior is presentable but does show some wear from age. The seats are comfortable and the upholstery looks nice. The carpet was changed out at some time and looks nice with only minimal wear. We did replace the dash pad with a new reproduction unit.

Under the hood the 390 wears the correct date stampings and appears to be the original. While the mileage on the engine is unknown, it does have a slightly larger camshaft than stock indicating a possible rebuild at some point. The hard to find bits are still in place such as the GT Exhaust Manifolds, S-Intake Manifold and the C8 Clutch Fan. The engine runs well and has great power, much more than the old-school Goodyears can handle. The 4 speed has been upgraded with a Hurst shifter for precise shifts. The gears are easily upshifted, but downshifting is a bit slower, no grinding but it is deliberate.

The power options are highly appreciated on any big block car. The power steering works effortlessly with good feedback. The front steering and suspension are original and should be inspected and replaced as needed prior to regular use. The Power Front Disc Brakes are a HUGE option, especially when driving gets a bit spirited. The front calipers & hoses were just replaced along with the rear wheel cylinders and master cylinder.

The tires n wheels are truly vintage units. The Goodyear's have less than 500 miles on them but are older. They have been stored indoors out of the sun and they still have the factory ink stripes in the treads but age wise they should probably be replaced.

This is a really cool car, with excellent options normally reserved for those 'Fastback' folks.

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