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1977 Ford F-100 4X4


351M 2V V8 Engine

4-speed Manual w/ Granny Low

Power Steering

Power Disc Brakes

Upgraded Stereo & Interior

This Ford runs great and starts quickly everytime and overall is a very solid truck. No Body Damage or signs of rust are seen, and the body wears a nice "Sparkly" triple color paint which compliments this truck quite well. The Upper Color is a Blue Metallic and the lower color is a Medium Gray, both of which are accented with a nice silver stripe down the body line. The Bed has bed-liner on the bottom but midway up the sides of the bed you'll see the silver, It really gives it a nice look but still makes the bed fully usable. On the Passenger side, you'll see the highly desirable storage locker which is a very useful option to have. Body all lines up straight and is quite enjoyable to look at.

The Interior shows newer carpet and fuel tank cover, as well as a modern bench seat with the fold down armrest/cupholder. The Stereo has been upgraded to a CD player with aux and sounds good. The headliner has been replaced with a nice padded cushion, not the typical cardboard headliner that comes stock. Some light wear is seen as expected to the interior and the dashpad is starting to show some light cracking but overall this is a nice comfortable area to sit while your driving.


The Engine is a 351M V8 and starts right up and quickly comes to a smooth idle. This truck doesn't miss a beat when your driving and it actually drives quite well. The Exhaust note is rather quiet but is a true dual exhaust that exits just behind the rear tires. The 4-speed shifts good with no pops or grinds and the Granny gear will pull a house out of the ground if you needed it to. The Rims are nice 16" Aluminum Mags that are wrapped in matching 265/75 Yokohama Tires, Making a smooth ride down the road.


Overall This is a great example of how these truck's should've been made. It's a very solid feeling truck while driving and a very comfortable ride overall, plus this truck gets plenty of looks with the custom paint, but it's not completely "off the wall" and still looks like a vintage truck. There is plenty of room for upgrades if you desire, but as-is this truck makes for a good driver.

Included with the truck is a stack of receipts, mostly from LMC truck and Summit showing many new parts as well as Handwritten documentation from 1976 all the way until current showing repair history and maintenance, etc. 

If your interested, give us a call @ (360) 863-2241

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