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1970 Mustang Fastback




Semi-Flat Clear over True Patina


351 Cleveland V8

Upgraded 4Barrel Intake


Shaker Ram Air System


5-Speed Overdrive Manual Transmission


Suspension Lowered 3” for the Perfect Look


Massive 18x9 Rear Wheels with 285 40 18’s


It is really hard to not appreciate vintage patina on a true classic body style. It is amazing how much feedback we get from this car. Even from the casual public who don’t even know what the car is we get an endless stream of inquiries.

The moment I saw this car in the raw I knew what I wanted to do. The crew here thought I was crazy but since its completion they have come around. What rolled in was truly a diamond in the rough wearing quite a bit of original paint and just the perfect amount of patina. Not wanting to cover that one time only look, the body is unchanged except for a layer of professionally applied Semi-Flat Clear. We did add some spoilers, fresh bumpers and some trim bits because we wanted a nice car. This is a killer looking classic that garners just as much attention in its current form as it would from a $10k paint upgrade AND you can drive this car in any weather and park where ever you like.

On the inside the car was in pretty good shape with recent carpet and door panels. We did re-cover the seats and added new seat foams at the same time. We kept it simple and stock. The black interior presents very well now.

Under the hood lives a deep breathing 351 Cleveland V8. It is basically a stock mill, but these engines were famous for their power off the showroom floor. The Shaker Ram Air System does add plenty of fresh air which equates to more power. This one has 2 ½” Stainless Magnaflow exhaust with an X-Pipe. This motor sounds awesome with a deep idle and a crisp quick revving note.


The 5 Speed Manual Overdrive Transmission works beautifully with the 351. It has a low first gear to get the car moving quickly and then a 5th gear overdrive to make highway cruising comfortable at speeds that will make your local law enforcement less than happy. A modern cable clutch system provides an easy pedal so any traffic jams will not kill your leg.


When it comes to making a car look cool it really comes down to wheels, tires & stance. This car really nails all 3. We dropped it 3” all around. Just enough to barely fit those rear steam rollers. When it comes to rear wheel wells, if there is any extra room you are not doing it right. We are running 17x8 rims on the front and 18x9’s on the back. 235’s in the front and 285 Eagle F1 Supercars in the rear. This did require a bit of massaging on the wheel lips, but we were celebrating the patina anyway. After a few sessions we installed some brand new (and very stiff) KYB Gas Shocks to keep the tires out of the body.


Well, there it is, perhaps one of the coolest and unique cars around. Ready for weekend shows, road trips and even the daily grind.

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