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1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator



Marti Report Verified

Real Deal Eliminator

Factory R-Code 428 Cobra Jet

Factory Competition Orange Paint

Factory Black Decor Interior

Former G-Stock & F-Stock Record Holder!

C6 HD Automatic Transmission

Power Steering

Styled Steel Wheels

VIN: 9F91R577934

Cougars have established themselves quite well in the last 5 years. Years ago they were the forgotten brother of the Mustang. Now, they often command more than their Blue Oval counterparts. The Eliminators were quite rare with only 243 R-Code 428's produced.


This particular Eliminator has a very interesting past. The car you are looking at was actually a G-Stock and F-Stock record holder back in 1969-1972 winning trophies 45 of 47 races. Both G & F Stock classes are just that, Stock as in how it was delivered to the dealer. No headers or slicks were allowed. Just the pure stock car on its original size tires. This car ran 13.50 at 106 in AHRA back in the day.

The original owner ordered and spec'd this one out. When it arrived at the dealer it was found that the 'Performance Axle' was only a gear ratio, not a Traction Lok. The dealer was quick to fix the problem and at the same time upgraded the distributor to a 427 dual point, installed solid core spark plug wires, added the right hand racing mirror and a map light. There are several good write ups on the history of this car with links below.


This car lived in California much of its life and was garaged nearly all of its life. The repaint is older but shows quite well. The only known rust on the car is a tiny spot on the passenger door corner. The floors, quarters, towers all look quite nice. There is some surface rust on the trunk floor around the body/paint jigs as pictured.

The interior is reported to be all original and appears to be stock down to the original carpet. For a 51 year old car though, it is quite impressive. Thanks to indoor storage the dash appears excellent, seats are still supple and the 'Rim Blow' horn switch is still soft & functions well. The original tachometer works nice and all of the 'Camera Case' bezels are present and in good condition. The rare 8-track radio is still there miraculously.

The original 428CJ scattered in the mid 70's with 66k miles on the clock. A new replacement Super Cobra Jet was purchased from Ford. The SCJ's use a special crank, 427 LeMans cap screw rods and a special counter weight behind the harmonic damper. At 94k miles it has developed excessive crank case pressure. Oil pressure is at 60 psi and there are no noises indicating injury so a bad ring or cracked ringland is the presumed culprit. The engine does still wear the correct clutch fan, power steering cooler, Ram Air specific air cleaner & snorkel, Holley 735cfm carburetor, C8OE N cylinder heads and upgraded 427 dual point distributor that the dealer installed. We chose not to rebuild the engine and to let the new owner choose their direction to either stay with the Super Cobra Jet or restore the car to the standard Cobra Jet. The engine fires up incredibly easy and does run though one cylinder is weak.

Later in life 4.30 gears were added along with a Gear Vendors Over/Under Drive. The Overdrive allows for a 20% reduction in gearing netting a 3.44 final drive ratio making freeway rpm's livable. The system can also convert to an automatic gear splitter so you have a 6 speed automatic.


If you have any questions, or would like to see this Cougar, give us a call at (360) 863-2241

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For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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