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1969 Chevrolet Camaro



468 Cubic Inch Big Block

TH400 Automatic Transmission

12-Bolt 3.73 Posi-Traction Rear End

Hugger Orange Paint

Custom Black Bucket Seat Interior

Steel Cowl Hood

Rear Deck Spoiler

TONS of Receipt Documentation


1969 Camaros are some of the most iconic cars of the Muscle Car era. Not many cars can garner the attention of a Hugger Orange ’69 Dressed in classic Z/28 trim. The combination of a Cowl Induction Hood & D80 Rear Deck Spoiler on this body is just too much to miss.


This ’69 was not born with a pedigree of any kind other than being a ’69 Camaro. It has been tastefully upgraded by a long-term owner and comes with a host of receipts documenting the progress of the car from a 350 up to its current 468 Big Block engine.


This is a solid, good looking car. The additions of the cowl hood and spoiler really complete the car. The paint has a good look but this is clearly a driver, not a show car.


There are plenty of small rock chips, scratches & imperfections. The panels are in good condition with just a couple small bubbles at the rear window and on the passenger front fender. There is some rust in the typical driver’s front floor pan that presents as a crack, not any holes and it certainly doesn’t affect the car’s use.


The quarter panels, doors, hood and trunk all look good. The bumpers, moldings & trim are in good condition. While not perfect it certainly gets PLENTY of attention on the road.


Inside the interior is clean & presentable. A host of gauges remind you that this is no boring stock car. The front bucket seats are very comfortable and help keep you firmly in place. There is minor wear on the components but they look good and really let you enjoy the car.


The engine is reported as displacing 468 Cubic Inches. It fires up easily and runs very strong. The idle is just right with a nice aggressive lope. It powers this Camaro effortlessly. Driving around town it has excellent manners and on the highway it is very smooth at speed. Pretty much any time you want tire spin is just a quick stab of the throttle away.


The transmission shifts crisply and the shift timing is excellent.


Out back a 12-Bolt Posi Traction Differential has been fitted with 3.73 gears. Just a quick tap on the throttle lets you know all is fine when Both tires light up. Comp Engineering Slide-A-Link Traction bars have been installed and do help, but the big 468 has its way with the tires.


As far as the daily grind the electrical system works nicely. Lights, turn signals, brake lights all work properly. Currently the back-up lights do not work. The wipers work but do not ‘park’ automatically. The heater motor works nice and the cables that control the doors in the heater box work well. The heater core however is not currently connected.


The car was used as a summer cruiser so the extra heat inside the car was not needed. This was not a big block car originally so it does not have the relocated heater core location. This is a relatively easy conversion that can be readily done. The stereo system is simple, yet nicely done.

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