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1972 F250 Crew Cab 2WD


Super Hard To Find Crew Cab
Marti Report Verified
Original Build Sheets 
Excellent Running 390 CID V8
4 Speed Manual Transmission
Authentic Patina

These Crew-Cabs have been on a meteoric rise in the last few years. With a multitude of engine swaps varying between diesel & gas and now electric it seems there is no end the the mods except for the supply of trucks to do them on. Finding them untouched and driveable is nearly unicorn territory. This truck provides a rare opportunity to experience an original and forge your own path.

This one has a really good look. Obviously its not a fresh resto but a cleaned up mostly original pickup with some work history. Call it 'Patina' or thin old paint, either way its pretty cool. There is some rust as pictured, but nothing fatal or even extreme for the breed. Personally we like this worn look with a modern drivetrain upgrade.

Inside this one is still quite stock. The front seat upholstery is in amazing condition for the age. The headliner, back seat and door panels are also in pretty good shape, take a look at the pics!.

Mechanically, this one feels sound. It had been moth-balled for a few years but still runs nicely. The old FE leaves a couple of drips so plan on parking pan for the garage. The 4-speed transmission shifts nicely and the clutch engages well. The steering & brakes all work properly. We drive this one around town and it performs admirably. 

The body areas needing repair are the drip molding on the driver's front corner, front cab mounts, cowl and driver's door. Obviously there are some other spots but these are the significant repairs. The rear doors are still solid and save-able as is the passenger front, the driver's door would be better off replaced. 

There are a ton of pics, scroll through them. This is a big truck with lots of things to see. If you need a specific shot please let us know. We can also do a FaceTime or WhatsApp video chat. 

VIN: F25HCN07864
For Washington State residents only, A documentary service fee in an amount up to $150 may be added to the purchase price or capitalized cost.

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