1970 Duster Factory 340 4 Speed with Black Bucket Seat Interior


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Vitamin C Orange

Sold! Sold! Sold!

Thanks Dave, Red Deer Alberta Canada!!!


1970 Duster

Factory Optioned with the 275HP 340

Factory 4-Speed

Factory 'Vitamin C' Orange

Factory Black Bucket Seat Interior

If you were a Mopar-Fan back in 1970 and didn't want to spend the big $$ on a Cuda or Charger R/T you bought the Duster 340. It was lighter, cheaper and had less scoops & fins. The Duster was a great looking Muscle Car when optioned right came with the quick revving 340 and a 4-Speed capable of keeping up with the big boys.

This Duster is wearing what looks like an older single repaint. It presents like a 'Survivor' with plenty of small bumps & bruises, but overall is quite presentable with factory style stripes & decals. There are the typical rust bubbles on the lower rocker/quarter panel joint, still solid and repairable though. The lower rear quarters and under the spare tire have amatuer patches that are fine for now, but I would recommend the restoration panels when it comes time for a repaint. The floors were stripped and topcoated with rust-inhibitor. There were pinholes in the front floors. They still feel solid and have no large holes. This is a good car with typical issues associated with this breed, we just try to disclose them fully.

The interior is the Rare & Desirable Black Bucket Seat Interior. The factory seat upholstery is obviously worn and reproduction upholstery is available. With some patience even a novice can install these quality pieces. The instrumentation appears to work properly and is standard on the upscale Duster. The factory 'Thumb Dial' AM radio functions well and even sounds tolerable.

This '70 was well optioned with the under-rated 275 Horsepower 340 and the 4-Speed. The 340 currently in the car is a not the original 340, but is an excellent running, performance built engine. It has a Perfromance Camshaft, High-Rise Intake Manifold, Aftermarket Balancer, Balanced Rotating Assembly and MORE! It runs excellent, sounds great and pulls like a freight train! Receipts are with the car for documentation, I am unsure of the exact amount of miles on the rebuild.

The 4-Speed is the Numbers Matching unit. It has a Hurst shifter that shifts crisp and positively. The clutch enganges well.

The Factory Power Front Disc Brakes work excellent and are truly a Must-Have for any spirited driving. Trying to haul even one of these Dusters down from triple-digit speeds can be a hair raising experience with the common drum brakes. With Disc Brakes stopping is positive and repeatable.

While this is not a perfect car, it is a presentable & pedigreed Muscle Car. It fires up nicely and puts a smile on your face every time. The fun of this car is that it gets nearly as many looks as a restored car and you can drive this one anywhere without the guilt associated with marking up a $40k car.

Check out the video at http://youtu.be/YGrXxxkqIuM